SHOW – Classical in scintillating colour.

Terweys Töchter:

Revolutionary classical concert shows

Classical music has arrived in the 21st century, in an imaginative, boldly expressive, and contemporary interpretation. The stage becomes a Gesamtkunstwerk of music, illusion, choreography, lighting, visuals and text, which takes the audience into a whole different world full of beauty and imagination. A poetic experience, giving rise to a magical and intimate moment.


With their concert shows violinist Berenice Terwey and her sister, pianist Philomela Terwey, created an exciting new genre. They stage music as a Gesamtkunstwerk and present classical master pieces in a way completely departed from classical tradition. Visuals, costumes, dramaturgy and spectacle are combined in a way that changes the way we experience music.

„Terwey's Daughters“ need as much as an entire year to plan every detail until a show is ready: a Brahms violin sonata, illustrated for example by impressionist garden images, and Chopin's Raindrop Prelude played by Philomela Terwey in raincoat. They play Tango by Piazzolla, and chamber music by Ravel – but in an entirely unique way. The concert shows of Berenice and Philomela Terwey are unforgettable.


The sisters, whose playing and breathtaking musicality repeatedly captivate audiences and critics alike, presented their shows „Jetlaq Baroque“ and "Stories To Hear" to an enthusiastic audience all over the world, which raves about "rousing impressions, extraordinary fascination and magical intensity".


The previous stations in her career to date have included such prestigious venues as the Laiszhalle Hamburg (Great Hall), the Tonhalle Zurich, Concertgebouw Amsterdam, De Doelen Rotterdam, the Tonhalle Dusseldorf, the St. John´s Smith Square London, the Great Festival Hall Salzburg, the International Music Festival Lucerne, the Festival Sommets Musicaux Gstaad, Festival Bravissimo Guatemala, Open Air Festival Santa Lucía Monterrey, Intern. Music Festival Castle Weilburg, Festival Marovian Autumn, the Festival Llao Llao Argentina, the Gewandhaus Leipzig (Great Hall), Philharmonie Gasteig Munich, Music Academy Budapest, Teatro Ghione Rome, Palau de la Música Valencia (Iturbi Hall), Auditorium UFM Guatemala City, Teatro Arias Pérez de Colsubsidio Bogotá, Concertgebouw Haarlem, the Janacek Theatre Brno etc..


The Terwey sisters give classical music a new dimension. They created an audio-visual Gesamtkunstwerk, visually opulent and entrancing sounds.