Nici Grandison is one of the most creative and innovative choreographers in Germany.


After completion of her successful career as dancer, she works today as a renowned and well-known choreographer, creative entertainment director and coach. The national and international event, fashion, TV and theater scene profits from her exceptional creativity again and again.

Besides the Adidas show in 2014 honored with gold, she was also responsible for the choreography and Creative Consulting of the also gold medal awarded Medalcountshow of Volkswagen Group Russia during the Olympic Winter Games in Sotchi. Customers like Audi AG, Porsche Design Group, Adidas AG, Reebok, Stella Mc Cartney, Fashion Week Berlin etc. or also TV Talentshows like "X factor Germany" and "Got to dance Germany" trust her experience, competence and her specialized knowledge.


Choreography and creative direction of individual plays on smaller stages, e. g. „The Cat Pack“, let her heart beat more highly. Her latest task in the field of choreography and direction is "The Voice of Germany live tour 2014/2015" which she dives in full of passion and much engagement.