"Jetlag Baroq"


"Classical music in sound and images like you have never heard or seen."

(Sächsische Zeitung)

What would it be like to not only get to know a composer through his music, but in person as well?

Jetlag Baroq is the new concert show by Terweys Töchter in which that very question is explored on a journey through time and space, in major and minor keys.


Accompanied by a narrator, Philomela and Berenice Terwey stage impossible encounters on an imaginative violin and piano tour. The show stops along the way include Amsterdam, Prague and Vienna.

They speak with Bach in Leipzig by phone, meet Jean-Marie Leclair and go shopping in Paris with Stravinsky. Exploring music history and the lives of composers in a fascinating, entertaining and varied blend of concert and acting, of chamber music and small-stage theatre.