Trailer "Jetlag Baroq" – Live open air performance

Scene: "Tango, mi amor"

Astor Piazzolla: "Tango is my music. It comes from my country, and I love it."

Scene: "Melancholy of Rain"


F. Chopin: "In my spirit as composer the rain drops turn into tears raining from heaven on my heart." (Featuring Robert Schupp, actor)

Scene: "Electric Emotions"

The actor tells of Maurice Ravel's fascination for the technical progress and his upcoming tour through the US. In the meantime, the violinist enters the stage as robotic doll. Her LED costume is turned on and she is programmed with a tablet for the musical performance.

Scene: "Scent of Melodies"


J. Brahms: "Like spring flowers it is blossoming and floating off a scent   …"

Scene: "Me – Pablo de Sarasate"


After the „Gipsy Airs“ by Pablo de Sarasate, the audience acclaimed the artists with enthused applause and trampling.

Kreisler: Tambourin Chinois

Szene "Electric Emotions"

Maurice Ravel: Blues